Exciting Annoucement!

I am happy to announce my short story, King For A Minute has been published in the latest anthology by Between The Lines Publishing; Fairy Tales and Folklore Re-imagined.

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  • A Doctor, A Conman, and A Cowboy
    A Doctor, A Conman, and A Cowboy

    Another prompt for the #WIPJoy challenge! Describe your main character with each of the five senses. This can be something about them or their personality.

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  • A Doctor, A Conman, and A Cowboy
    A Doctor, A Conman, and A Cowboy

    #WIPJoy Day 7: Share advice that helped you as a writer.

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  • A Doctor, A Conman, and A Cowboy
    A Doctor, A Conman, and A Cowboy

    #WIPJoy Day 5: Ask a question! I want to know about your favorite writing snacks / tea! What gluten-free snacks do you like to eat while you are writing? Where do you get your tea?
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  • My WIP novel Rise of The Shadow Lord deals with the effects of war and prejudice on a society and the individual. Each of the major character deal with a different facet, with varying degrees of morality.

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  • I am fond of sharing my writing in two Facebook groups:

    Writers Soapbox
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  • I'm dedicating this blog post to all of the people who have made me the bookwyrm I am today. :)

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  • #WIPJoy is a month long celebration of novels in the process of being written or edited. Today I'll introduce you to my WIP Rise Of The Shadow Lord. It is the first of four novels in the Tales From... Read more

  • We just finished the aesthetic week and I hope you enjoyed it! :) Now it's character takeover week! Today I'm going to "interview" my main characters about their most awkward memories! :O

    Dear Diary,
    The most horrifying

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  • #WIPJoy Challenge: One Item
    #WIPJoy Challenge: One Item

    "If your story was represented by one item, what would it be?"

    Now we are getting to the hard questions!

    If I were to choose one item to represent my WIP Rise Of The Shadow Lord, I would say sand sifting to the bottom of an... Read more