8 Bookish Things To Do In Quarantine

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Whether you are sheltering in place or practicing self-quarantining, this list of bookish things to do will help relieve some of the boredom.

1. Reorder your bookshelf
It's the classic bookworm thing to do when we have more time on our hands. ;) I recently reordered mine by color. (see the photo above)

2. Clean up your Kindle Library
If you have a bunch of files you've added to your kindle, plug it into your computer and move over the books you've already read or don't want to read anymore to a safe backup folder. Go through and remove the ebooks you've already read from the device so you can browse the books easily! You can download them from the cloud at any time.

3. Read an Indie book!
Indie books are everywhere, and they are amazing! I switch to primarily reading indie about three years ago and my GoodReads goals have averaged at 90 books a year up from an average of 40!

If you like fantasy, I have several blog posts with suggestions.

4. Join a virtual book club
I love the Fellowship Of Fantasy Book Club. They read clean fantasy indie novels every month with giveaways, discussions, and more!

5. Review Books You Love

It's super easy when you edit your columns in GoodReads to see your reviews and see which ones are missing. Click here to learn more.

On Amazon, you can go to this link to find any books or products you haven't reviewed yet.

Make sure your GoodReads reviews are on Amazon and vise versa.

6. Reread A Book You Loved From Your Childhood

My family just purchased the latest Narnia movie trilogy so I can't wait to dive into the classic fantasy novels! We even have the pretty Barnes & Noble edition. Do you have a favorite childhood novel and how does it hold up?

7. Read A Classic Novel In Your Favorite Genre

Sometimes it is great to go back and see where it all started. I love reading Isaac Asimov, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Anne McCaffrey.

8. Read An Open Domain Book

Project Gutenburg has so many great novels available for free including most of the Sherlock Holmes novels, at least eight of the Princess Of Mars novels, several Tarzan novels, and anything by Jules Verne to name a few wonderful series you should really read in your lifetime.

For more things to do check out Roslyn Kelly's list here.

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