He's Gone

Tales From Valomir

From The Diary Of Sebastien Vaugen

Dear Diary,It's been a week since grand-fathko Dion died. I feel numb, and no one seems to care at all. I truly think I may have been the only one who cared about him. Even his servants seem chipper.

Fathko came home tonight. He was gone for a week. He lost half of our of meager family fortune, gambling of all things. I've never been more embarrassed in my life than negotiating land deals with the other fellow highborns. Correction, we're now midborns.

Majka won't do anything about it, I begged her to become the head of the estate, but she doesn't want to cause any drama. More likely she wants to keep spending money until it runs out. May the Creator have mercy upon my soul, I am going to defy my parents and go directly to the council to take control of our estate.

In secrecy,Sebastien Vaugen