King For A Minute


King for a minute or King for a century, it doesn't matter because history only remembered King Arthur Pengragon. The truth can be a powerful weapon if wielded correctly. Armed with only his words, a crippled man confronts the king of the known universe. It's risky at best and fatal at worst.

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  • Review for King For A Minute: Couldn't stop reading until I reached the last line!

    Karen Cornish
  • Review for King For A Minute: I love to stumble across well-written stories on author’s blogs and websites. Amelia Nichole wrote a short one that quickly packs a punch. I’m in love with the references to the traditional tales about King Author and his court, but this story takes some really unexpected twists. I don’t want to ruin anything, but I think Steampunk fans will be pleased.

    Lisa Morrow