Quelling: A Sequel to Sowing by Angie Grigaliunas


Quelling by Angie Grigaliunas has been released!!

Stay low, act loyal, and don’t drawn attention.

For years, Rabreah has longed to overthrow the power-abusing Hulcondans who control her city. Yet in the wake of an unauthorized rebel attack, Lord Masrekah takes over the hunt for the “terrorists” – and it’s only a matter of time until he figures out her secret. If he hasn’t already. And while Rabreah finds relief in Sorek’s return, his easy infiltration of the enemy ushers in questions of where exactly his loyalties lie.

Unaware of her sister’s double life, Ariliah continues to support the Hulcondans. But as the city spirals into violence, everything she’s ever believed starts to unravel. Afraid to confront her doubts, she clings to her splintering trust and a dangerous new connection.

Yet the more the Hulcondans bear down on the resistance and its allies, the clearer the truth becomes: there aren’t just two sides, the greatest enemies may lurk inside the city, and even the most faithful supporter has a breaking point.

I read the first book, Sowing, in a day, not because it is short, but because it grips you round the neck and doesn't let go. The pacing is fast and never keeps you waiting long for something interesting to happen.

Sowing is a novel set in a dark dystopic world where the Hulcondans control everything to protect the people from the evil Itzalin. Or at least that is what they want you to think.

The story is about two sisters, Ariliah and Rabreah. Ariliah is fifteen and trusts the Hulcondans to protect her. Rebreah is eighteen and has more experience with the Hulcondans, one of the most powerful in particular. To put it mildly, she isn't as trusting of them as her younger sister.

I felt so many emotions through the course of the book. By the end of almost every Ari chapter I was almost convinced the Hulcondans were good. Then by the end of Rab's chapters I was ready to fight them.

I want to know more about the Itzalin. While the story the Hulcondans tell seems convincing enough, I have a feeling there is a lot more to the strange orc/elf people.

World building wise, this felt solid, like you could travel there and see the same buildings described, the square, the Burrow (market), the meadow, their cottage.

Some of my favorite scenes are the banter between Sorek and Rebreah. I also wouldn't mind seeing more Ariliah and Sorek in the next book, they are sweet in a younger sister / older brother kind of way.

Some other the other major characters include the serial smirker Lord Masrekah and the sarcastic Sorek. These two have me serious conflicted. No one in this story is an angel, but some are better than others. Mas and Ari are almost too cute, seeing this high and mighty lord totally melt around Ari is equal parts adorable and scary. However Hikah seems to be a good fit for Ari, he seems nice and would give her a life she would enjoy. I have my suspicions about him.

Sorek though. Man, great character, but I do not trust that guy as far as I could throw him and I am terrible at throwing things.

So my verdict? If you like fantasy, dystopia, or character driven stories, this is the series for you.

If you haven't read Sowing, you can also get it here:

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