Questions And Choices


A Scifi Re-Imagining of Tam Lin

Reticulian-JA18 is an alien with one serious flaw: curiosity. Forming a friendship with a mischievous A.I. and a human rebel, "Jan-Eight" must choose between running away or fighting her own kind.

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  • Review for Questions: "What a great beginning for a true space epic: a sense of a great, ancient civilization, a problem that threatens to destroy this world, and simple (or simply profound) human emotions at the core of it. Great writing and great storytelling set the scene for this epic work. The opening has something of the sweep of Dune, but with a more "down-to-earth" core."

    Joshua Grasso
  • Review for Questions: This was a fun read. The fact that nearly every chapter is told by a different character really adds to it, as well as the plot twists. Through the different points of view, we also get a more comprehensive glimpse of the setting than a lot of stories of this length give us.

    A.R. Hellbender