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Last year I challenged myself to read more fantasy and more indie authors. It was so much fun that this year I have challenged myself to read only fantasy (for as long as possible) to stay inspired for my novel Rise Of The Shadow Lord. This has been equal parts difficult and easy. Why? Well, I usually read scifi so the temptation to read what I'm comfortable with is high. But it has also been easy because of the weath of delightfully good indie fantasy books.

Last month I read three indie fantasy books, each one just as good as the last.

Pippa of Lauramore by Shari L. Tapscott

Pippa of Lauramore is a delightful fantasy romance novel I am going to be recommending to anyone who likes romance with great character arcs and twists you may not see coming. I thoroughly enjoyed the growth of the main character Princess Pippa as she went from judging everyone, feeling like she was always being treated unfairly, and trying to meddle to someone who realized she had treated others unfairly, first impressions aren't always what they seem, and sometimes you should leave well enough alone. I loved each of the knights, but Irving made me laugh out loud many times and Dristen made me aww, so I'd pick either one of them. Archer was brilliant and honorable. Rigel was great and I had him figured out after a few scenes, but it didn't make it any less sweet when his pure and honorable intentions were revealed. Lionel is delightfully despicable. I can see myself rereading this book in the future and I added the rest of this series to my TBR list!

Best For: Laughing out loud. Great character development.

A Gift of Poison by

You know that feeling you get when you finish a good book and now don't know what do to with your life? Well, I finished this story in one sitting, not because it is small, but because it is amazingly wonderful! I love each of the complex characters who have their own burdens and their character growth. The mystery!! Briand is such a great scrappy character who is constantly underestimated and misjudged, but learns to earn the trust of those around her. That twist at the end nearly gutted me. I couldn't believe it. I almost wanted to start reading this book again right after I finished it! I was so happy to see this the first in a series. 

Best For: Complex characters. Gut wretching twists.

Such A Secret Place by

Let's be honest here, this cover is gorgeous and totally what made me want this book. I enjoyed reading this book. It is refreshing to have a heroine who starts at zero and has to fight for every ounce of advantage she can. There is a lot of back story here, but it is revealed layer by layer in little bite-size pieces as the plot continues. It might seem like it starts slow, but everything that happens, in the beginning, sets up the rest of the story on solid foundations. There was a point towards the end when I realized there wasn't enough pages to wrap up all of the plot points and I wanted to slow down reading so I could savor the ending. But I also needed to know what happened ASAP.

A fully imagined world with a unique magic system. If you like YA Dystopic Fantasy, you'll enjoy this book. I have the next two books on my TBR list!

Best For: The Cover. <3 Great character growth.

What was your favorite fantasy read in 2019?

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