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Tales From Crigmis

We just finished the aesthetic week and I hope you enjoyed it! :) Now it's character takeover week! Today I'm going to "interview" my main characters about their most awkward memories! :O

Dear Diary,
The most horrifying, absolutely terrible thing happened to me today. I coughed!

Let me explain. Today was the end of the moon cycle, and all Elementiens are required to travel to the Shrine of Light while the moon is blacked out. So I rode Miriam, she was a little temperamental, I hadn't ridden her in a while, and she was not happy about it. My fathko was angry with me. The only reason I was allowed to keep Miriam was if I promised to take good care of her. I won't make that mistake again.

So we were riding through the shifting lands of the Followers Of The Creator, I thought I knew a shortcut, that would impress my fathko so he wouldn't take Miriam away from me. So I snuck away from the group.

The trail was awful, Miriam's paws kicked up the dirt into a dust cloud. I tried to cover my face with my cloak, but it was no use. I coughed, and coughed. It was horrible.

I did make it to the Shrine of Light before all of the others. Miriam and I tried to shake off the dust, but oh, there was so much of it. Fathko was so angry with me. He didn't even speak to me; just grabbed me by the shoulder and motioned for the entrance.

Then as we were listening to the precious words directly from the Creator, I felt this tickle. And that try as I might, that tickle turned into a cough. The priest stopped in mid-sentence, LOOKED at me, everyone turned to look at me. It was an eternity before he spoke again. All I wanted was to sink into my seat and never be found again.

In embarrassment,
Sihara Dayel


Dear Diary,
It's been a week since grand-fathko Dion died. I feel numb, and no one seems to care at all. I truly think I may have been the only one who cared about him. Even his servants seem chipper.

Fathko came home tonight. He was gone for a week. He lost half of our of meager family fortune, gambling of all things. I've never been more embarrassed in my life than negotiating land deals with the other fellow highborns. Correction, we're now midborns.

Majka won't do anything about it, I begged her to become the head of the estate, but she doesn't want to cause any drama. More likely she wants to keep spending money until it runs out. May the Creator have mercy upon my soul, I am going to defy my parents and go directly to the council to take control of our estate.

In secrecy,
Sebastien Vaugen


Dear Father,
I don't understand why I have to go to this horrible school. Everyone makes fun of me. I tried to stand up to the bullies that beat me today like you told me to. They had to go to the nurse's office for a broken nose, and a broken wrist. Now everyone is even more horrified of me.

I bumped into Henrietta in the hallway. I tried to help her pick up her books, but she wouldn't accept any of the ones I touched.

Why can't we just go back to the Outlands and the excavations? All of the kids there were kind. They didn't mind if my skin was tanned, or that I can't control my powerstone very well.

Your dutiful son,


Awesome Possum: I've never been embarrassed in my entire life. (Translation: There have been so many times, I can't even think of one in particular.)

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