#WIPJoy Challenge: If You Like ______, You'll Like My Book


Another day, another prompt for #WIPJoy!

Do you like steampunk fantasy (a.k.a. gaslamp fantasy)? What about mythological fantasy? Science fantasy? How about if all of this was set on a Euro-Asian world embroiled in a century-long conflict?

If you like any of these things and enjoy a good high stakes action adventure, you'll like my novel Rise Of The Shadow Lord.

Want an introduction to the Rise Of The Shadow Lord? Click here.
Meet the main characters here!
Check out my visual Pinterest boards and an excerpt here.
Listen to my playlists for the series here.
Want to read a snippet? Click here.
Check out the The Five Senses Prompt here.
One item to rule them all! (Just kidding, one item to represent my novel).

Stay tuned for more updates!

#WIPJoy Challenge: If You Like ______, You'll Like My Book

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