#WIPJoy Challenge: Share Something Visual


I've challenged to share something visual that goes with my WIP. I've been curating a Pinterest board of all of the visual inspiration for my series.

I am fond of pinning ancient architecture, Asian interior decor, anthropomorphic fantasy characters, beautiful dresses, inspiration for my pendants, character inspiration and prompts to my Tales From Crigmis board.

Pictured above is a photo of the ruins in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). This is exactly how I imagine the architecture in the United Republics of Elementi, but I didn't known this until four months ago when I saw a photo of the ruins in my daily photos feed. I couldn't believe that someone actually had designed such beautiful and otherworldly buildings!

Speaking of visuals, here is a visual excerpt from my novel:

The Festival grounds were set up to follow an old dirt road which cut right through the neutral lands, running from the Ambassadorial Halls to the edge of the Outlands.  The autumn leaves  made a satisfying crunch underneath their feet. With the loss of their leaves, the trees looked like skeletons compared to their former green selves.

The candlelight inside the brightly colored Elementien tents flickered and played shadows upon the outside. It reminded Sebastian of the puppet shows which had entertained him in his youth.

Art was on display for all to see in every form imaginable. The earthenware vessels were painted with stories from fantasy and reality alike. In their startling lifelike mimicry, the clay sculptures were equally as impressive as the woven clothes being made on the loom with the most precious fabrics in all the countries.

Sihara’s dark eyes were alight with wonder as she pulled Sebastian along. He found her visage captivating; it invoked a memory of a more pleasant time in his life when he had felt things were finally going his way. Her innocent perspective on life was refreshing to his black and blue heart.

An earthenware vessel caught his eye. Painted with the image of Eshe and Avari, Life and Death, locked in a battle over the souls of the world.

“What do you think of this one, Sihara?” Sebastian asked. “I think it is quite striking.”

“It would look nice next to your map of the Outlands,” Sihara replied after a moment of contemplation. She did not seem to like it.

Sebastian frowned and motioned to the other art pieces.  “Which one would you choose?”

“Oh, I saw a beautiful one when we entered.” Sihara smiled and led him over to a clay sculpture of a bird, painted in colors which could never occur in real life. “This one by Master Artisan Grio. The bird seems so happy and free in mid-flight.”

Sebastian was never a fan of sculptures by Grio. If he wanted to see a bird in mid-flight, he could look out the window. “Perhaps we will find something we both like in some of the other art displays.”

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Stay tuned for more updates!

#WIPJoy Challenge: Share Something Visual

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