Review Of Danger Boy: City Of Ruins

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I read the first three Danger Boy books 4-5 years ago and I loved them! I remember these novels really stood out to me because the author didn't talk down to me. It felt like real problems being solved by real kids like me. I was very excited to find out there was another book which continued the adventure of Eli, Thea, and Clyne.

Clyne, the talking dinosaur from another dimension, is my favorite character! Just the premise of his character is enough to get a giggle out of most people. His unique, naive perspective on the adventure balances the more serious perspective of Eli in this book.
The trio traveled back to Jerusalem so there was bound to be religious themes and I think the author handled them well. He portrayed the prophet as a person rather than an unreachable person. Other novels can get bogged down and forget to move the plot when they introduce religious themes.

As Thea spent most of this novel sick, we didn't get to see much from her, but I noticed there was some hints that we don't know everything about Thea. I will be interested to see her character develop more in the next novel.

Eli grew up in the span of this novel and I could relate to the way he felt. Going from wanting to be a grown-up or suddenly being that grown-up person and having younger kids look up to you is confusing! Responsibly makes the adult and Eli has realized that if he acts like an adult, people will respect him. This is not an easy thing to learn for some kids!

Don't let me fool you into thinking that this is a super serious book though! I think my favorite part of this book was when Clyne finally joins Eli in Jerusalem. His impeccable bad timing was just too funny! I just had to put down the book and laugh.

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