Amelia Nichole

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Scifi and fantasy with a mad dash of mythology and history

I write science fiction and fantasy with a mad dash of mythology and history thrown in for good measure. I'm a professional copywriter, a homeschool graduate, and published short story author. When I'm not writing or reading something, you can find me painting birds or gardening.

What We Do

Meet The Team

  • Amelia Nichole
    Amelia Nichole
    The Diplomat's Daughter

    Determined and compassionate, Sihara Dayal is a fiery woman trying to fit in the petite role that her society has cast her to play as the daughter of a diplomat. As the sole heir of the family, she must marry before her 21st birthday or risk her father losing his title during the alliance talks...Read more

  • Sikar Sebastian Vaugen
    Sikar Sebastian Vaugen
    The Highborn Merchant

    Sikar Sebastien Vaugen's dark hair nearly reaches his chin. His pale skin and bright blue eyes are common to Elementi of the Etanian Republic. You'll never find him without his top hat and cane. Proud, opinionated, and fiercely protective of Sihara, Sebastien can make a formidable ally, if you...Read more

  • Amelia Nichole
    Amelia Nichole
    The Innocent Exile

    Mylo Delphi has short white hair and copper eyes. As an Animalian Exile, he wears an animal mask and tries to live by the creed of the possum as his father taught him. Tender-hearted, a little paranoid, and armed with little more than his quick wit and perchance for fainting, Mylo stumbles his...Read more

  • Amelia Nichole
    Amelia Nichole
    The Moral Spymaster

    Lord Jaden of House Calstein's most notable features are his emerald green eyes and sun-kissed skin; very few of of the Mineralites share these traits. He is genetically unaltered, and because of this he is reviled by his people as a Senken.  Charming, calculating, and not afraid of danger,...Read more

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