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    A Tales From Valomir Short Story

    The Kingdom of Mineralia sits in darkness, blanketed with smog from the steampunk industrial revolution. New civil wars break out every moon, kings come and go.

    Tobias' testing day has come. With a desire to prove that he is the best assassin the Shadows of Avari has every trained, he... Read more

  • Ruby Snowcarol and The Annual Reindeer Games
    Ruby Snowcarol and The Annual Reindeer Games

    A Middle Grade Christmas Story

    Ruby SnowCarol is a young elf in the Northpole. She has qualified for the Annual Reindeer games and has been partnered with anĀ arrogant talking reindeer. Can she train him to win the games and earn him a place on Santa's sled team?

  • Short Story Library
    Short Story Library

    A Travelers Of The Void short story

    The kleptomanic Dax has stolen something from a local gang at the space port and they want it back. Doctor Morgan and Captain Terrell are dragged into his mess once again. The trio are backed into a corner with time running out. Desparate times call for desparate measures.