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  • Review for Questions: "What a great beginning for a true space epic: a sense of a great, ancient civilization, a problem that threatens to destroy this world, and simple (or simply profound) human emotions at the core of it. Great writing and great storytelling set the scene for this epic work. The opening has something of the sweep of Dune, but with a more "down-to-earth" core."

  • Review for Questions: This was a fun read. The fact that nearly every chapter is told by a different character really adds to it, as well as the plot twists. Through the different points of view, we also get a more comprehensive glimpse of the setting than a lot of stories of this length give us.

  • Reviews for Questions: So often, the trend of modern sci-fi has seemed to bend towards the gore-laden shock-fest that belongs in the horror genre. This story has a refreshing grasp on what the concept of science fiction is supposed to be about. As writers, we also harbor a love of reading. The two go hand in hand. When one has indulged for so long in the literary adventure known as writing, it is also a bit of a habit to critique, rather than simply enjoy. I enjoyed this one immensely.

  • Review For Questions: I'm writing a similar way in one of my stories, each chapter is told by a different character, so I may be a little bias to the concept, but high-five, I love it! You get to see the world this writer created in many different lights. Many sentences say so much in just a few words, I hope the author keeps that up.

  • Review for Questions:

    That final chapter had to be my favorite of the entire piece. The way you were able to convey the emotions was fantastic as it kept in character, making it feel like a discovery for both the protagonist and the reader. I am usually not a fan of first-person writing simply because many authors end up over-explaining the story through the mouthpiece of the protagonist. You did a great job at avoiding this and I never felt like I was getting bogged down in the details of the piece, yet I was still given enough information to understand what was going on around me with just enough to leave me wanting to read and understand more. It's a great balance and one I think a lot of people struggle with.

  • Review for Questions: I thought this story was imaginative, and well thought out. I also think it was an original piece, and not a rehash of previous scifi stories I've read in the past.Thank you for the effort put into this tale, and I look forward to reading more of your work!

  • Review for King For A Minute: Couldn't stop reading until I reached the last line!

  • Review for King For A Minute: I love to stumble across well-written stories on author’s blogs and websites. Amelia Nichole wrote a short one that quickly packs a punch. I’m in love with the references to the traditional tales about King Author and his court, but this story takes some really unexpected twists. I don’t want to ruin anything, but I think Steampunk fans will be pleased.

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