Lord Jaden Calstein

Amelia Nichole

The Moral Spymaster

Lord Jaden of House Calstein's most notable features are his emerald green eyes and sun-kissed skin; very few of of the Mineralites share these traits. He is genetically unaltered, and because of this he is reviled by his people as a Senken.  Charming, calculating, and not afraid of danger, Jaden has a strong sense of morals and tries to hold the rest of his people to those same standards.

Race: Mineralite

Province: Calstein

Powers: Indestructibility powerstone

Quote: The crisp air served as a relief from the last sweltering summer heat wave. He suppressed a chuckle as the Elementi around him drew their cloaks tighter, cursing the change of seasons. He was a Mineralite, and the cold was a welcome friend.