My Top Indie Books for 2018

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I was inspired by a fellow writer to post my top indie books that I read in 2018. Here is my top ten indie reads in 2018!

10. Begger Magic by H. L. Burke

This is a lovely story about doing what is right not because you want the praise or the fame, but because it is the right thing to do. This book features a wonderful friendship, a dash of romance, and a gripping mystery. The main character has a good moral compass and that isn't always easy to find in novel nowadays. I also loved the deaf love interest, he is adorable. This book features a unique (to me) magic system that I enjoyed quite I bit.

9. Claus: Legend of the Fat Man (Available for free)

I got this book in an anthology of Twisted Fairytales. I missed the title page so I had no idea what I was reading, nor what I was getting into. If you would have told me this novel was about Santa Claus I might have stayed away. I am glad I didn't know, because this is an awesome family friendly novel with genuinely good worldbuilding. A scifi twist on Santa Claus perfect for the holidays!

8. Cora and The Nurse Dragon by H. L. Burke

(Available for free on Kindle Unlimited)

I love this book. It one of three books in the world that fill me with a warm fuzzy feeling. Delightful from beginning to end! It fulfills every fantasy fans dream of hatching a special dragon.

7. Windswept by Sarah Delena White

(Available for free on Kindle Unlimited)

A lovely short story about empowerment and love. Felt like it could be right there on the shelf with other traditional fairytales. Can't wait to read this authors main series.

6. Ursa Kane by Stacy Bender

Ursa Kane is a great book! The main character is one of the few true modern warrior princesses that I have read in fiction. She's a women and a warrior, and there are no compromises. The plot was gripping and it had a satisfying conclusion. It has helped inspire my own characters. I will be reading this one again!

5. Dragon School Series by Sarah. K. L. Wilson

(Available for free on Kindle Unlimited)

A series of short novella like episodes. Easy to read on the go or during breaks. I haven't finished the series, but I read the first six books in two days. These short novels are about 150 pages long and have a complete plot arch. They also manage to end on a cliffhanger at the same time.

The first book follows the adventure of Amel, a crippled girl who decides to leave her family and become a dragon rider. She feels like a burden to her large family since she cannot help out with the farm chores, and no one will marry her. The Dragon School must accept anyone who wants to join as a dragon rider or as a servant.

When it comes time to choose her dragon, the dragon chooses her instead. Raolcan, the purple dragon, is the highlight of each book. A sassy dragon, who underneath all of his scales, truly cares for Amel.

4. A Keepers Tale: Tomkin and the Dragon by J.A. Andrews

(Available for free on Kindle Unlimited)

This is a great fantasy story for all ages, I can't wait to read this author's series of books! Tomkin is not your usual hero, but I love him for it. It feels more like a real life fairytale with real heroes and real consequences.

As someone who likes fairytale retellings, I noticed what seemed like a few tropes you'll find in those stories, but this book turned them on their head and had them doing cartwheels. ;)

I want to say so much more, but it would be spoilers. I'll be reading this one again. And if you haven't read this one, you should. I also bought the main series by the author which I can't wait to read!

3. Windwalker: Forbidden Flight by H. G. Chambers

I love the rich world building, the sand, the characters, the birds! The author has created a tangible fantasy world with filled with a vibrate culture who have their own unique mythology. I know strong female character can sound like a buzz word, but I really felt like this story portrayed a very real person who was strong in spirit and in action while staying true to her femininity.

And now my top two favorite indie reads from 2018...

Electrical Menagerie by Mollie E. Reeder

The characters are heartwarming, larger than life and real all at the same time. A futuristic fantasy world of magicians and traveling sideshows, a world where trains run on stardust and travel on invisible rails in the sky. The Electrical Menagerie is a fantastical tale that at the same time has such a realness to it, that you almost feel like you could go there. This book leaves you with a big smile on your face. This novel earned a spot on my favorite novels of all time list.  Read my full review here.

The Wendy

There is a difference between retelling a story and recapturing the essence which made it wonderful. This novel manages to do both. It warmed my heart and made my laugh in every chapter. This novel earned a spot on my favorite novels of all time list. 


I hope you enjoyed my list of my top ten indie reads in 2018! What was your favorite books of this year?