Taja Sihara Dayal

Amelia Nichole

The Diplomat's Daughter

Determined and compassionate, Sihara Dayal is a fiery woman trying to fit in the petite role that her society has cast her to play as the daughter of a diplomat. As the sole heir of the family, she must marry before her 21st birthday or risk her father losing his title during the alliance talks to end a hundred years of war. Born without the elemental abilities common to her people, she has struggled to find a suitable match until Sikar Sebastien Vaugen came into her life. 

When she isn't hosting an injured soldier benefit luncheon, planning her wedding, or attending one of the endless bouquets, you can find her curled up with one of the dusty old chronicles of the court.

Race: Elementi

Republic: Vindish and Tezino

Powers: None

Quote: "Sebastian squeezed her arm, “You better leave the diplomacy to the Taj.” Sihara would do nothing of the sort, but she would be more discreet."

Amelia Nichole