Tales From Valomir


Intrigue. Romance. Adventure.

Born without elemental abilities, Taja Sihara never expected to be more than a footnote in history, but forging an alliance with her country's bitter, steam-powered rival may be their last hope to stop the Empire of Animalia from conquering the world. If she wants to secure an end to a century of war, she'll have to marry the enigmatic Sikar Sebastian Vaugen before her twentieth birthday.

Lord Jaden Calstein is the rich, charming son of the Lord Ambassador working hard to assure the alliance talks with the war-stricken Republics go as planned. His secret society of rogue vigilantes are hot on the trail of a smuggling ring suspected of selling weapons to the enemy. The evidence they uncover could threaten the very foundation of the fragile alliance.

Meanwhile, deep in the inhospitable Outlands, a exiled Animalian, Mylo Delphi, must reclaim a powerful artifact from a bandit king who seeks to use it for evil. When an unlikely band of misfits join his quest, he must overcome his overwhelming fears and save the Outlands.

To save a world on the brink of disaster, Jaden, Sihara, and Mylo must face impossible odds and unravel a deadly conspiracy spanning the globe. Where shadows of an ancient race linger, stopping one evil may awaken something far worse.

For fans of Tara Grayce's Elven Alliance and E.J. Kitchen's Of Magic Made series. 

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