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    My Books

    Intrigue. Romance. Adventure.

    Born without elemental abilities, Taja Sihara never expected to be more than a footnote in history, but forging an alliance with her country's bitter, steam-powered rival may be their last hope to stop the Empire of Animalia from conquering the world. If she wants to secure an end to a century... Read more

  • Tales From Valomir
    Tales From Valomir

  • Free Stories
    Free Stories

    A Middle Grade Christmas Story

    Ruby SnowCarol is a young elf in the Northpole. She has qualified for the Annual Reindeer games and has been partnered with an arrogant talking reindeer. Can she train him to win the games and earn him a place on Santa's sled team?

  • Indie Reads
    Indie Reads

    Re-published by Spring Song Press

    Are you looking for a Celtic Fantasy novel to read in March in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day? Pangur Ban by Fay Sampson is a delightful and wild middle-grade / young adult novel following the misadventures of a 9th century Christian priest, a vengeful warrior princess, and a white cat named ... Read more

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    I think my love of stories started at a young age when my father read me the Little House on the Prairie books and the Narnia books. Eventually, he told us a sci-fi fantasy story filled with history, alternative universes, and time travel. Looking back, I think this story had a much bigger... Read more